See What To Must Buy On Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is back again this year on the 23rd of November.

This biggest shopping event is undoubtedly a day dedicated to discount shoppers who get this once-in -a-year opportunity to avail the highest discounts in such a wide assortment of products.

Even though this sounds like an ideal situation with discounts reaching up to 90%, it can often get too overwhelming.

This can lead to overspending or ending up with products you don’t actually need. That’s why we have put together a Black Friday shopping guide with deals that are worth hunting and scoring every year.

Electronics (Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones)

Electronics shopping is probably on the list of every Black Friday shopper.

Retailers always offer top discount deals on tablets, laptops and smartphones that in many occasions reach up to 85% off the original price.

Sometimes the specific smartphone model or laptop that you are looking for may not be on sale so make sure to know the specific characteristics that make this model your top choice.

By doing so you can look for similar models with the same features that are on sale instead.

Designer Fashion

Designer fashion deals are a Black Friday staple. With discounts hitting the 30% up to 50% bracket, Black Friday is the ideal time to update your wardrobe and welcome the festive season in style.

This year, you can look for deals on designer shoes and designer bags that are less often on sale. Retailers want to sell the stock that is remaining so that they can restock with winter fashion.

Make sure to look out for deals that offer free gifts or coupons on websites like that can help you save more especially when you are shopping online.

Time-specific Travel Deals

Airways, online-booking websites and hotel brands year after year offer deals that can help you save even hundreds of dollars.

However, those deals are usually time-specific so are not useful to everyone. If you are flexible with your time-off then these deals are a must-have every year on Black Friday.

For those of you who are more restricted with your holiday arrangements, then rest assured that with a little more patience you can find a deal that suits your needs.

Websites like Skyscanner or Kayak are the easiest way to look for time specific travel deals. Make sure to keep an eye on websites like those, because different retailers offer different discounts, travel deals and coupons.

Athletic & Sports Gear

If you are waiting for the right moment to get that new pair of trainers, or a new gym bag then look no further than Black Friday Sales.

With October being a low-selling month for athletic essentials, November discounts tend to dip below the average yearly discount.

What makes those deals even more appealing, is that you can get newest models with discounts in many occasions starting from 30%.

Many online retailers organise flash sale events that can last from a couple hours to up to a day, so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter of the brands you are keen on purchasing, coupon websites and online retailers.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

From mixers and coffee machines to refrigerators and air-conditioners, most home & kitchen necessities see a big price drop all through November and escalate on the Black Friday week. Not only can you score low prices, but also great bundle offers.

Many retailers offer free installation or free insurance for your purchase so keep an eye out for those promos.

While the above are usually the products categories that traditionally offer the most savings and highest discounts, that does not mean that you should stick strictly to them while you are Black Friday shopping.

Make smart shopping choices and good luck!

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