Ritual: Headless Body Found In Anyigba Kogi State

There Is Evil On The Streets Of Igala Land, Stakeholders Must Rise Before We Are All Consumed

The is an Igala adage that says “ènwu bíbí awunyi agbèrè madukeche” (when evil is coming home, it it should be earlier nipped before it escalates).

We have a very dangerous situation in our hands but we seem not to know it yet and it will consume the land if we don’t wake up now and push it back before it gets out of hand.

History has it that we are used to be a compassionate and hospitable people who sees ourselves as blood and work in the interest of all but is only but history for what we have today is in the opposite Brothers now kill brothers for no reason. It started small, nothing was done about it and is now becoming almost a normal thing.

What we now have at hand is the Evil of ritual killings. Last year we were brought to public ridicule on the National television of the business of killing, harvesting and  selling of  human parts for ritual purposes taking place in Ankpa local government. There were confession after an arrest was made by the Nigerian police that more than 600 Igala sons and daughters has been killed with their parts harvested.

To my greatest dismay, there was no positive reaction from the stakeholders save for some paper condemnation from some quarters and it ended there. 600 hundreds lives gone! No reaction, nothing happened, we let it pass and the story is now forgotten. Those responsible may be on our streets and walking freely like normal beings because there is no consequences for their inhumane actions.

About two weeks ago, we heard the story of a missing boy from Ogane-aji Area of Anyigba. A boy of about 15 years who is learning Mechanic didn’t return home after going to work so the story said.

Today we woke up to the most shocking news that the boy has been killed and the body dumb around Ogane-Aji junction with NO HEAD and some body parts (check the attached picture of the lifeless body of the boy).

What could possibly be the sin of a 15 years boy to warrant this kind of painful death if this is not an act of ritual? This is sad and shocking.  If this is allowed to pass without proper investigation having the hand of Igala stakeholders, then nobody is save anymore.

We call on the Atta of Igala, all the traditional rulers in the land, the government, security officers and all stakeholders of the Igala nation to put heads together and do something about this before we are all picked, killed and body parts harvested for no just cause.

This is a sad time to be alive!

– Comrade Maji Isah

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