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NL Opinion: SEE 5 Reasons Why Women Keep Running Away From You As A Young Bobo (No 2. Will Shock You)

Let’s face it, nothing hurts more when you are not getting women around you as a young man.

Yeah you can bring up excuses of how you are hustling for money or focusing on your career, that’s good, but if you can’t keep a relationship in your youth days then don’t count on it when you are all grown, weary and ugly.

If you notice women are avoiding you or just don’t like your company at all, then you need to READ THIS!

This Naijaloaded Staff Lists 5 Reasons Why Women Keep Running Away From You:

1- You Are Broke!

Yep. Truth is bitter. You are over your head if you think you will get women around you if you don’t have money.

Women are naturally attracted to wealth. It is basics. Society has trained men to be the alpha and women to follow.

If you want women to flock around you like a swarm of bees, you better get a job my friend.

2- You Say Many Vulgar Words!

There is a saying that women are naturally attracted to bad boys. I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that it is 100% legit.

However, there is a difference between being a bad boy and being a creep.

A bad boy wants women to work hard to get his attention, A creep uses colourful language to chase women away

Imagine using words like b**** and h** around women and expect them to take you seriously?

3- You Talk Too Much!

It is okay to strike up a conversation with a woman, but excessive talking makes you reveal more which inevitably eliminates that bad boy & mysterious guy thrill women want in a Man.

And trust me, being a listener is everything you need around ladies.

Women will prefer and stick with a guy they can relate all their day to day activities with. You can even get laid in the process.

4- You Are Dirty!

Personal hygiene is very important when you around ladies so try and really try to take note and improve on this.

Imagine having a smelly breath and still keen on keeping women? Mehn….

5-  You Are Too Much Of A Nice Guy!

And this is the most important point of the lot.

You are the woman pleaser. The wussy. The guy who will run errands for women, smile at their flaws and quick to avoid an argument. You are also the Yes! man. You will never say NO cause you are too scared she will leave you.

But, have you noticed that really good looking women are never attracted to “nice” guys??

Well they will see you as a guy they can probably consider later for marriage, but do you really want to be that guy? That second choice guy? Hell No!

Man the f*** up and start acting like the Man that you are. Be rude if you will but with caution. Learn to say No but respect a woman’s feelings. Be confident and charming. Try to be open with what you want in a relationship. if it is sex say it, some women will even appreciate your honesty. Above all, be a man with goals.

Good Luck!

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