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Equal Salary For B.Sc/HND Graduates In Paramilitary Agencies

Like we announced earlier, the Federal Government has abolished the Dichotomy between HND graduates and their BSc counterparts in all paramilitary agencies in terms of salary structure.
The implication of that is all HND and B.Sc entry level graduate will be on the same level (COMPASS 08) which comes with same salary structure.
EneNaija Media
Obviously, this is a welcome development as most HND graduates have suffered discrimination when it comes to salary structure and promotion especially in the Civil service.
For those who have been following this issue, you will agree with me that this is the first practical step the Federal Government has taken to resolve this issue.
This is the kind of approach that will completely end the issue of B.Sc and HND dichotomy that has lingered for years.
We just hope and pray that other Government agencies and parastatals as well as private establishments will follow this trend and finally put an end to this issue.
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