eN Music Review: Be Honest! Between Aleqs Chizar Ojiji, Shizle Ofo Kpai Ule & Skofyfer Wo Which One Do You Enjoy ?

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Taking a very good look at the way the industry is being run presently,  one would notice that the quest to be the best is the watchword for the rising Act.
They all strives hard to be the best in the country and they all push harder to suppress peers in music promotions, artistes signings and many more.
The 3 frontline Igala music act in Nigeria right now are:-
today we are comparing the 3 great igala rappers that has dropped Hot lyrics so far this year
A. Aleqs Chizar from Classy Rhythmz who dropped Song titled OJIJI  
B. Shizle From Men On Music  Who Dropped Song titled OFO KPAI ULE
C. Skofyfer From Wise Men Records Who dropped Song titled Wo Anechegbeti

drop your sincere comments let us know the one you enjoy the most


Comments (20)

  1. Kai Kai see war but na Shizle good pass

  2. I respect Chizar ojiji for life

  3. wait NasmKay is not hear ok I like Chizar ojiji

  4. i no fit lie ooo
    ojiji movement
    number 1 in Lagos here

  5. cha all of the above, but shizle na baba you be! ofo kpai ule.

  6. Shizle ofo kpai ule

  7. ojiji all the way…………….ogala sirchriz

  8. Shizle is the best

  9. Aleqs chizar is the best listen very well coming soon

  10. I av listened to diz songs. The truth is, Ojiji lyrics and flow is better. And the wo song is not suppose to be in the same category because it is a commercial and the Ojiji and Ofo kpaiule is Trap.

  11. aleqs chizar ojiji

  12. shezle ofo kpai ule

  13. skofyfer WO!

  14. Rapstar shizle ofo kpai ule jam cool down my upset

  15. aleqs shizah ojiji is the best

  16. rapstar shizle is the best of all

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