Ceo Of EneNaija Apologise On His Article That Say “Kogi State Artist Will Never Blow”

CEO Of EneNaija Apologise to Kogi state artiste about His Article
titled “Kog State Artist Will Never Blow”

To all my dear Kogi entertainers, i write to seek your pardon. This article written years ago is today causing a lot of issues within & outside the state due to the misinterpretation from the heading/caption of the article. I honestly never meant it to cause any damage whatsoever to the great hardworking artiste of Kogi state.

I sincerely use this medium to apologies & say “I AM DEEPLY SORRY” to everyone that the article ( or I) have hurt.

My intent was a positive critic with peace in mind to better our industry but has been misunderstood, I wrote the article for our top act to know there is still a lot of work to be done & since the publication of the article years ago, a lot of improvement can be noticed in our industry.

EneNaija Media is your own, we stand with you & will always be there for the growth of the Kogi industry and Nigeria in general.

I implore you to forgive and let peace reign for together we all are stronger.

I acknowledge & respect all the hands that still believe in EneNaija
Media, may God Bless You.

For the elders, fathers & mothers in the industry like J.F.O, Yq, Mercy Johnson, Ajanigo, Agi Moral,NL and many more too numerous to mention who have supported & advised us over the years, may God Bless You all.

I pray members of the Kogi Entertainment community Accept My Sincere Apology as I promise to use our Media To Acknowledge Their effort In The Industry via An Award Every Year from now on For Your Creativity
tagged EneNaija Kogi Industrial Award

EneNaija Kogi Industrial Award is to show How Truly Sorry I am To ever
Underrate You all.
I respect & believe in your creativity.
Once again I AM SORRY.

God Bless Kogi state.
God Bless EneNaija Media

Written By
Adamu Abdulrazaq Eneamone



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