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After Many Rounds Of S*x, Sade Left Me Because I Did This! (A Sober Naijalodite Speaks)

*N.B. This article was sent by a regular commentator on Naijaloaded and was not edited. Please read everything and comment below.*

I don’t even know where to start but help me post this on Naijaloaded.

I loved Sade very much. She was my queen. My one and only. It is so SAD that i will never feel the warmth of her big breast any more.

I met my Sade when i volunteered as a waiter in a birthday party her Dad organised to celebrate her graduation from a reputable University in the UK.

Brother Azeez who brought me and some of my friends to the venue (a very big duplex in Ibeshe area of Ikorodu) promised to pay us 4k each for our service.

It was when her dad, a very chubby and short man stopped me to ask for a bottle of Hennessy that i saw one of the best looking creatures at his side.

Her hair was ebony-black. She had a shapely figure; big boobs & her lips looked like strawberry sweet. I wanted to kiss her immediately. She noticed i was admiring her features and smiled back at me.

Will she ever fancy an ordinary waiter like me? I pondered. When the party was rounding up and i noticed she was alone, i walked up and we spoke at length. She even gave me her number and GUESS WHAT? When i got home it was on Whatsapp!!

Fast forward to 3 months and we started dating.

I would sneak up to her room and we would cuddle, kiss and f***.

It was crazy and i never wanted anything to come between us. She even told me one day: ‘Jelili, don’t make me hate you now that i have fallen for you’.

Sadly, we began to have problems when AOG came over from UK. He was her university mate and his family are also very rich. They began seeing each other frequently and i also noticed Sade stopped calling and texting me frequently.

One evening,  i went over to her place to find out why she had not called me for a week but i got the shock of my life.

Sade, wearing a red bump short was KISSING her friend AOG who had his hands on her bump. Immediately she saw me at the gate she was shocked but the AOG guy was less concerned and asked ‘Who is this villager at your gate?’

Sade tried my number that night but i didn’t pick.

Instead i asked my friends to arrange ‘Eruku’ (Local Touts) for him. They beat him up one day he was driving past my hood and even broke the two side mirror of his father’s car.

AOG was rushed to the hospital and almost died. When Sade found out it was me that planned it, she blocked my number on whatsapp and told me her sister was right to beg her to stop calling me that i was just some tout with no ambition in life.

Can You Imagine? I Was So Hurt. Why Would Sade Say Such To Me? Please Help Me On What To Do Cause I Still Love Her.

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