She Didn’t Want Me, Now She Is Upset Her Sister Wants Me (Read FULL Gist)

Hello Fellow Readers of Link Up With Dan, Today we have a that is really troubled,


Dear Dan,

Joy and her sister Judith are very lovely twins sisters. They recently started working out in the same gym as me. They are so hot,everyone stares at them when they walk into the gym.

I mean,the guys envied the trainers for having the opportunity to talk to them and be with them at close range,all in the name of being their trainers…lol

Well,after the second week,I took matters into my hands and introduced myself.I found out that the girls are single,wow!

So I took interest,in one of them,Joy. I started trying to date her. I had become friends with them after a few hangouts but I wanted to take things to the next level.

I observed however that this babe,Joy was not feeling me and I kinda liked her more than her sister. I tried to get her attention for almost a month but she didnt respond. I tried to take her to lovely date spots,she refused. I bought her perfumes,gifts,etc..she told me shes not interested but we can be friends.

Well,after a while,I switched gear to the other sister Judith. She was something else. Judith was sweet and down to earth. I found out she is a fan of same club as me: Arsernal!…we would watch matches,hang out,date…it wasnt long she allowed me to kiss her. I mean,she was everything I wanted her sister to be.

Now,the sister is angry that I am with Judith. She is trying to come back to me,saying I didnt fight hard enough to get her. I told her she was the one who said she cannot date me na.

Anyway,the girls are quarreling among themselves. Joy wants her sister to end things with me. Of course,Judith said no.

But I am not happy both of them are quarreling. I love Judith,I really like her. I see me proposing to her in the near future. My only concern is,will her sister be an issue?

I dont want anything that will affect our future or the girls family. Should I walk away from both of them? But I am in love with Judith.

Guys what do you think I should do?

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