Rabiu Alfa: Celebrating A Silent Achiever on His Birthday By Comrade Nasir

Rabiu Alfa: Celebrating A Silent Achiever on His Birthday

By Comrade Nasir
With the breaking of dawn comes day, days develop weeks, weeks beget months and months run into years. From years comes decades and decades generate into generations. While ages can count beyond generation to as far as century and millenniums, I beg to stop at generation and of course, celebrate a man borne in my generation and arguably living a life of post generational impacts. While I try to live everyday celebrating him, the importance of November is too significant to be quiet. Lo! He was born on the 5th day of November and hence, his birthday.
Men they say are not made wise by the recollection of their past but by the responsibility of their future. However, in discussing the quintessential, magnanimous, learned, brave, humane, diligent, adept and accountable lawmaker in person of Hon Alh Alfa Momoh Rabiu, one has to look at the past. Not to dwell on it but perhaps, to enable it justify the essence at hand.
Without mincing words, “Rabiu” is a compound name in Kogi politics and this reputation automatically waves the nugget task of introduction. In moving forward therefore, it is important to note very quickly that apart from been the biological son of a highly revered elder statesman(Alh Isiaka Alfa) with proven integrity and character during while in his prime, Hon Algebra Alfa Momoh Rabiu has a mandate at hand to deliver and it is his stewardship that shall therefore form the baseline of his silent achievements even though it could be arguable that his phenomenon is a replication of his father.
Thus, his emergence as honourable member representng Ankpa 2 constituency at the Kogi state house of assembly gave birth to an opportunity for him to either tarnish himself or deepen the goodwill of his father. So, In trying to justify the mandate given to him, Hon Rabiu has not only done well but uplifted the living standard of many constituents. For the records; at abinitio, House of assembly stewardship in Ojoku/Enjema was more of a daylight mockery of the electorates based on the “all for me” attitude of previous representatives and the new order is what can be better described as all inclusive leadership style of Hon Rabiu as anchored on trust, compassion and accountability.
In justification of the above premise, it is worth of note that it is in his reign that the area will for the very first time hear and see the written cheque of what is referred to as constituency allowance. A contrast that did not only exemplify Hon Alh Alfa Momoh Rabiu delivering on his electoral promises at any given opportunity but a show of his readiness to at every instance carry constituents along.
In fact, during the presentation of the constituency allowance, the ebullient honorable had given room for suggestions and advise on what to do and how to utilize the money as it is this liberty that birthed his constituency development projects which are across the eight wards in the following order;
  • -Enjema Ward 1: Construction of bore hole at Enjema
  • -Enjema Ward 2: Building of Open market shops at Ofugo
  • -Enjema Ward 3: Renovation of class room blocks at Inye
  • -Enjema Ward 4: Renovation of primary school blocks at LGEA Anyitata. And for Ojoku wards;
  • -Ojoku Ward 1: Building of Open Market shop at central market Ojoku agbodo
  • -Ojoku Ward 2: Fencing and erosion control at Okaba government secondary school
  • -Ojoku Ward 3: Building of Open market shops at Inyologu and
  • -Ojoku Ward 4: Building of open market shops at Ukwo doko market.
While his works are evidently speaking for him. His intervention in other areas of human, social and infrastructural development has become glaring so much that his critics who have access to the social media have resorted to self consolations with the tune… “he’s trying”, obviously not because they wish him well but because they are compelled to say the truth or risk been rubbished by the physical presence of his good works.
Yet, what seem to be most unique about Hon Rabiu Alfa is that despite the level of success he has recorded through legacy projects across the eight wards of Ankpa 2 Constituency, he unlike his contemporaries who believes in blowing their own trumpets stood different with all his interest been channelled to only how his programmes can positively affect the lives of his constituency rather than to occasion epoch commissioning ceremonies which its glitz shall attract nothing much more than big names cum avoidable expenditures.
Just recently, during his routine weekend home coming, he was on round visit of his projects across the constituency without publicity and when I tried to challenge the code of his inspection, his response was simply put as “Comr, you don’t post everything online, what matters is to ensure your projects are what will ameliorate the suffering of the people and hopefully, God will reward you”. Only then I realized how silent the achievements of Hon. Rabiu Alfa are as he is simply not interested at impressing anybody but to contribute his own quota to the development of his constituency to the best of his ability and to the glory of God.
At this juncture, saying that Hon Alh Alfa Momoh Rabiu is a silent achiever is obviously in contrast with the level of goodwill he enjoys from his constituents. Although it is expectedly, the people of Ojoku and Enjema are always praying for him having seen that in practical terms, he has delivered beyond expectation but unlike a typical politician that believe in propaganda, he has relaxed on his achievements as his driving force and it gladdens me to say that his rising profile has spurred his competitors to get to work rather than engaging in propaganda and fake publicities.
Finally, as he celebrates his birthday today, it is important to note that some of his already completed projects are in use without commissioning, a development that depicts how much he prefers quenching the needs of such projects rather than leveraging them without effects. So, I join many of his teaming supporters, well wishers, friends and even enemies to wish him a very happy birthday celebrations and may God grant him many happy returns of the day…Amen!
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