Let’s Talk!! At What Age Should A Guy Leave His Parents House To Get Something Doing?

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We’ve a very interesting topic at hand to discuss today – At What Age Should A Guy Leave His Parent House?

This post will talk about ?

The right time for a guy to leave his Comfort Zone to go Hustle and bring some Paper home“.

Before we go ahead into this, this post is not when you should leave your parent’s house to get Married ooo instead when it’s time to leave them and go hustle for yourself.

Let’s go!

For Me (Makinde) ⇒ I think 25 is good.

At 25, every normal guy should have a bearing/direction for his life.. You should have a concept, idea of what you want to do with your life.

Even if you don’t have a Job yet or funds/capital to start a business, you should have an idea of what you want to do.

Sincerely, having an idea or dream of what you want to do is the hardest thing in life. Once you have an idea of what you want to do with yourself, you are 55% started even when you have not yet started anything.

Idea & Prospect is ? and only few young guys have it nowadays. People just want to make money but how many of them actually have something penned down as their Plan?

Money can show at any fu*king time and only those who have something at the back of their mind will get the best out of Life.

Some young guys have enough Money but they lack idea and that is as good as nothing having anything because the money will eventually get squandered and they won’t have anything to show for it.

Now, once you’ve got the first part (idea) thrashed out and you wake up everyday striving to make it happen, my brother, you are ripe enough to leave. You will do great things outside your comfort zone.

I remember how my Mum use to get mad at me anytime she sees me with my laptop at 2:00am, Mama no know say na there him pikin go take blow and bring money home.

Our parents thinks you only work when you go out in the morning and return home in the night not knowing people make a living on the Internet from the comfort of their house.

Our parent’s steady complaints alone can break and affect one mentally and can, in turn, make one lose focus.

While most guys think they have to make 10 million, buy Mercedes Benz, Range Rover and grow older before they are fit to leave their Parent’s house, I think as soon as one knows the right from the left and is ambitious enough to fend for himself and bring something meaningful to the table, you are Ripe.

You can just get 1 or 2 friends who you know are willing, contribute funds and get an Apartment and start planning your life from there – the result of your hustle and how you see things will change.

Bills & Responsibilities brings out the very best in any man. It’s simple!

To further strengthen my points, moving out of your parent’s house does not mean you can’t go back to them to ask for advice on some pressing issues that might come your way, you can always go back to them every time – We need their advice and opinion in whatever we do till they are no more.

All that been said, I need your opinion on this Topic too ?

At What Age Should A Guy Leave His Parents House To Get Something Doing?

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