HALIMS: An “Elephant” Big Enough For All To Share; A Tale For And Against By Comrade Nasir

HALIMS: An “Elephant” Big Enough For All To Share; A Tale For And Against

By Comrade Nasir
It is no longer news that the former member representing Ankpa 1 constituency at the Kogi state house of assembly, Hon Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims has defected from the opposition People’s Democratic Party(PDP) to the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC), a development that has not only boosted the political strength of his new party but has caused an earthquake in his former party amidst lamentation from different organs of the party as well as political observers.
But, the baseline of it all hovers between consequences and inconsistency. Consequences herein will be based on whether or not the political warlord will have regrets for his actions afterwards while the inconsistency shall be largely driven from his survival in the days ahead.
For readers clarity, Hon Halims is not just a former house of assembly member but a phenomenon as far as Kogi politics is concerned and his endeavours over the years is what has earned him admiration from all spheres of life in his Federal constituency where he have been a two time hopeful before destiny and circumstances overrode his chances. Perhaps, this adds to what has swiftly influenced his appointment as chairman of Ankpa federal constituency, Kogi state elders advisory council.
It is in the examination of his next line of actions therefore that his moves can be well X-rayed as to whether or not it is a mark of inconsistency or a measure against consequence. Without any ambiguity, at the eve of the 2015 general elections, not even the present occupant of the house of representatives sit of Ankpa/Olamaboro/Omala federal constituency would have believed Hon Halims will lose in the said election. Hon Halims having fought vigorously and with all doggedness to defeat the then incumbent member, Hon Muhammed Ibrahim Idris, son of a former and widely believed Kogi state most influential politician in a keenly contested primary, the main election was more like an already done deal in the eyes of many observers.
This was especially owing to the fact that his opponent, Hon Hassan Omale was not just new to house of representatives contest but flying on a just sown party (APC) which no one knew was going to become a darling party for Nigerians during the 2015 general elections. Alas, the debut contestant emerged via a narrow victory which experts and political commentators up till now attributed to the Buhari/APC hurricane. Interestingly, Hon Halims who is a dogged fighter, political juggernaut, grassroots man and unconditional realist maintained that for whatsoever reason be it, He and his then party, PDP lost as he refused to believe any gainsaying from excuses at the aftermath of elections.
It is important to note here that shortly after the 2015 elections, Hon Muhammed Ibrahim Idris abandoned his father and the same party that sponsored him to the house of representatives to join APC and his reasons may not be farfetched from the fact that Ankpa Federal constituency has a standing record of one directional match as far as party politics is concerned. In this light, Hon Halims is heading for prosperity via his defection as it will avail him the opportunity to get more rooted and prepared for the next election.
More so that his defection has caused an earthquake for the PDP as a result of the mass solidarity, exodus movement and the behind match his PDP structures, party stakeholders/executives cum supporters have been should via defections carried out on the premise of his new trend. Furthermore that his erstwhile core oppositions are readily in the APC, if his ambition for the house of representatives occurs by nomination or consensus to make him the party’s flag bearer of the 2019 polls, the journey shall eventually be an express ride.
Save former governor Ibrahim Idris whose best times in Kogi are mostly spent at Idah, Hon Halims was until his quit, the last man standing in PDP as far as Ankpa Federal constituency is concerned and he stands to loose nothing by defecting from the fold of the onetime self styled largest party in Africa. Before it seem inconsistent of him, the consequences of remaining in PDP is far worse than it can be imagined. Ideally, what it takes to win an election is to secure the ticket while stalwarts match out with might and resources to ensure the success of the party but in the case of Hon Halims and PDP bigwigs during the 2015 elections was like a stimulus shock stranded between actions and inaction.
Thus, to have a logically balanced insight on the defection of Hon Halims, one must take cognizance of his erstwhile zeal and enthusiasm towards the emancipation of electorates at every given opportunity for his ideas and approaches toward human emancipation cum socioeconomic development remains a strong characteristic feature and factor in his defection. More so that he is by virtue of obtainable realities an idealist of proven leadership acumen as well as results oriented political calculations abinitio.
Defecting at this critical time of the opposition People’s Democratic Party’s wrangling from internal crises to zoning litigations is not just deserving respect because of his fundamental rights to association but also better termed an act of bravery as in the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Nothing is more difficult and therefore more precious than been able to decide.”  PDP is politically deteriorating and apart from the necessity of platform before contesting an election, the privileges he is soon to enjoy shall lessen the upkeep burden of his teeming supporters whom could now be ordinarily recommended for reasonable engagements.
Consequent upon the fact that Hon Halims is no doubt an enigmatic figure chiefly known for his antecedents in human development, struggles for the well been if others, grassroots liberation as well as penchant for contemporary advancement of the larger society. Whatever booty comes with his defection shall be “an elephant big enough for all to share” as we cannot forget so quick his influence at enrolling several sons and daughters of Ankpa into civil service schemes, military/paramilitary and even private sector during his time as the house of assembly member representing Ankpa 1 constituency.
A tale for or against Halims cannot write off how he embarked on a series of developmental initiatives while representing Ankpa 1 constituency and this reputation has stood the test of time in lending him justification against what many thinks of him as lacking wherewithal towards financial spray as characteristic of the naively crude politicians.
Finally, bearing in mind that Hon Halims is a household name with a very wide range of followers across Ankpa, Olamaboro and Omala local government areas, I urge whoever is in contemplation afterward to reflect on the words of Thomas Jefferson where he said: “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Our democracy must thrive and the right way to nurture it is to welcome on board those willing and capable of turning things around.
Written By Comrade A. M. Nasir,
A Social Commentator and Public Opinion Moulder
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