When police assault and eventually murder, who do you call?

It’s sad how Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force are painting and making everyone involved in the #ENDSARS campaign including myself look like anti-police. But the truth here is, we are not Anti-Police, We are Anti-Police Brutality.

Meanwhile, in the height of the #EndSARS campaign one of the important questions that have emerged is, would scrapping the SARS solve this brutality & unethical disease?

Anyway, this is a serious question that begs for attention. No doubt, the sustenance of order, security of life, legality, development, and democracy may be difficult without the roles of the Police in a given polity.

But in all the times that I have experienced brutality from the SARS operatives and everytime I come across their inhumane act in the news, the only word that rings in my head is “Kidnap”.

A quick check in my dictionary for the real meaning of “Kidnap”, this is what I found;

..to take a person away illegally by force, usually in order to demand money in exchange for releasing them

And this is exactly the usual practice of the so-called SARS. They are official kidnappers who will arrest you in a Form of “Rading” and ask for over N200,000 on the spot bail or accompany you to the ATM Point, or even take you to the station and still make sure they collect a non-negotiable bail amount. Any attempt to prove your knowledge of the law and fundamental human right will result in harassment, unnecessary beating, gun threats, sometimes murder.

I’m 100% in support of scrapping the #SARS because they are like War-Soldiers hunting for enemies on our streets, care should be taken before our do-or-die politicians started using them during elections.

Many Departments in the Nigeria Police Force like the X-squad, IG Monitoring Unit, State Intelligence Bureau or even the Criminal Investigation Department can do better and also protect the Rights of a common man if strengthened.

No doubt, the PUBLIC COMPLAINT RAPID RESPONSE UNIT (PCRRU) department are trying their best in curbing the excesses of these unscrupulous Police Personel but they can do better and we (the citizens) need more access to them.

Now over to you guys, Do you think Scrapping SARS will really bring an end to Police Brutality?

What do you think can be done to reduce the menace of Police Brutality in Nigeria?

If SARS is eventually scrapped, what do you think can be done to checkmate the excesses of Nigerian Police Officers?

Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts!! … Drop your comments.

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